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Pediatric Care in

Forest Hills, New York  11375


pediatric care in Forest Hills

Patient Education

-Our office provides regular well child care visits involving anticipatory guidance, physical and developmental growth and maturation; and vaccination; birth through age twenty.

-Doctor Nass is committed to providing the highest level of pediatric care, combining expert training, the latest medical technologies and over 25 years of experience serving the community. 

We strive to partner with you as a concerned and dedicated parent to maximize your child's health potential both physically and emotionally.

-We strive to manage sick patients in our office rather than transferring them to emergency rooms.

-The advances in antibiotic use during this century have ushered in many improvements in  quality of life and personal lifespan. When overused, antibiotics are nothing more than expensive and glorified poisons. We are proud that our patients have some of the lowest antibiotic use, as well as some of the lowest  rates for hospitalization and surgery.

-We are proud to employ an  advanced and secure Electronic Health Record system. Our patient portal gives patients in our practice the opportunity to use the world wide web to track their health care through our office.


-We participate in the New York Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for those without insurance coverage for vaccines.

-We maintain an on site CLIA certified laboratory providing HCT blood counts, urine/analysis, rapid/strep rests, and throat cultures.


-Our office staff is fluent in Russian and provides translation for Doctor Nass when necessary. Doctor Nass speaks both English and Hebrew.