Until recently acetominophen liquid was available in two preparations:

As you can see concentrated infant drops are approximately three times more concentrated than children's syrup. Over the years there have been many cases of inappropriate dosing; both over- and under-dosing at times with very significant consequences.  In June of 2011 the manufacturers of acetominophen decided to discontinue the production of  acetominophen concentrated infant drops, based upon recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The new infant drops are the same concentration as the children's syrup . It is thought that with standardization of acetominophen concentration, there will be fewer cases of inappropriate dosing.  Over the next several years, during this transition period,  there will therefore be two different concentrations of infant drops on the store shelves. It is therefore of utmost importance to read the product label and check the concentration of acetominophen in the product that you are purchasing: 80mg per 0.8ml;  or 160mg per 5ml (80mg/2,5ml) Acetominophen dosing for children  in most instances is 10-15mg per kg (weight)every 4 hours if needed  with a maimum dose of  650mg every 4 hours. You should of course check with me or my office staff if you have any questions, however the following table may help serve as a guide in most cases: (Please note that "infant drops" in the table refect the old preparation.) (Children's syrup in the table reflects the new standardized concentration for both infant drops and children's syrup/liquid.)